Residential installations represent the majority of the work showcased in our website.

We have been honing our craft for over twenty-five years to make for homes that inspire our diverse clientele. Beginning with the Furniture Floor Plan, we identify a layout that becomes the working map for a layered interior design concept. The backgrounds are addressed first and involve the wall and ceiling finishes and flooring materials.

We have a highly adept team of artisans versed in the arts of decorative painting, faux finishing, and tile and mosaic installation. When it comes to the furnishings, we have sources from across America and Europe that we maintain to procure a wide range of styles of decorative products. We work with some of the greatest upholstery workrooms in the country to tailor exquisite upholstery to suit or individual schemes using the finest textiles made here and abroad.

Scale and balance play important roles in our selection process. Decoration is our final layer of design on most every Residential project and our network of purveyors of both traditional and contemporary art, sculpture, and objets d’ art is extremely extensive.

Often we can be found in major destination markets such as Portobello Road, London, UK, Clignancourt, Paris, FR, and at many seasonal fairs and markets throughout the USA searching for the perfect adornments to make for a well-rounded and complete interior.

Floor plans for residential design of the master bedroom in NYC Examples of newly designed rooms in a luxury residence in NYC