Given the Pavarini Architectural Legacy and strong Italian heritage, some of our greatest achievements have been noted in the Old World Estates we have had the opportunity to design. While always containing the strong dramatic elements and technology we have become sought-after, our traditional projects have always been a driving force in our business. Here we have had the pleasure of reinforcing architectural order and Renaissance-style details that have made for traditional interiors filled with all the accoutrements of a properly tailored estate including strong focal points, paintings, antiques, sculpture, and highly ornamental decoration techniques as exhibited in the upholstered furniture, palace-style flooring, and significant period accessories and objets d’art. Concealed with in this old-world façade, we integrate hidden a/v systems, low-voltage wiring, lighting control systems, and other state-of-the-art conveniences that make our traditional interiors as dynamic as our contemporary ones.

Charles Pavarini III