PAVARINI’S CEU: “LED’S FOR RESIDENTIAL INTERIORS”- Nov 7, 2019 at Organic Looms, Scottsdale Design District

Nov 7, 2019 at Organic Looms, Scottsdale Design District

Charles gave an illuminating talk about LED fundamentals
for an audience of industry professionals in the Scottsdale
Design District for Fall Market 2019. Approved by the
IDCEC, the course presents an overview of latest trends in
LED technology and identifies the PROS/CONS of LED’s and
how to discuss important terms such as color temperature in
degrees Kelvin, Lumen output, CRI and how it affects our

Here are some highlights from the Powerpoint presentation
which is an ongoing course offered by Charles on a regular
basis at design markets nation-wide. Stay tuned for his
next presentation at market near you!

— LED color temperature should be between 2700K – 3000K and CRI of 90+

— Philips HUE bulbs (known as LILY for outdoor use), available online and at the Apple Store, are very simply programmed from your smart-phone or tablet to turn ON/OFF and at whatever brightness/color you select

— LED remodeler fixtures with Trimless LED recessed lighting can be reliably purchased at

— For dimming an LED fixture or lamp/chandelier with LED bulbs requires an LED dimmer. We recommend Lutron CL Dimmers, which come in a variety of styles to suit the home

— For large projects and new homes, a centralized lighting control system is by far the easiest way to manage ALL LED lighting on a project. This requires a lighting designer and a designated location in the home to locate all of components. This will allow features such as ALL ON/OFF and other human-centric scheduling based on HOME/AWAY to mazimize efficiency.  Schedule a consultation with Pavarini Design for guidance on new lighting technologies in the home.