KB Showhouse 2015

Pavarini’s Midnight Manhattan Lounge will exhibit a fine collection of artisanal fixtures and contemporary pieces from the 20th-21st century.  Complete with a Dry-Bar and full bath, the design ensemble explores a sensual lapis, chocolate and crème color and texture palette, while furnishings exhibit significant design integrity with a focus on form and function.  A delicate balance of deep wood finishes and custom millwork, patterned leather, lush carpeting, and a curation of hand-made pieces of lighting and furniture, the scheme embodies the synergy of the Pavarini Design philosophy hinging on drama through restraint with particular focuses on asymmetry and the creative use of tile.  A sophisticated lighting control system complete with iPad-based dimming and state-of-the art lighting products and effects will control the mood of the space and highlight the significant works of art and sculpture.