Furniture, Lighting & Decor February 2020

Charles Pavarini III, President of Pavarini design– a leading light in the lighting sector who has performed groundbreaking work for Ronald McDonald House using color healing chromatherapy to help relieve pain in children enduring chemotherapy treatments– took on a room specifically designed for well-being for the mind, spirit, and body at Kips Bay.

“There was something different than just doing another pretty room,” the designer says.  “It was a penthouse, and when people walked up you could see how they relaxed, the breath they let out.  Here in New York, they’re building towers that are going to be 100 stories high, and I feel that instead of doing a media room or a game room, every new apartment building, new and cold, needs to have an area that is specifically for wellness, where families can go individually or together, that helps them decompress.  Wellness is something we all need now, because you turn on the TV these days and start shaking.  We need to show clients and consumers what’s possible.” FLD

Pavarini on Wellness

Pavarini's Chromatherapy for Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Pavarini’s Chromatherapy healing room for Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Pavarini’s Wellness Retreat for Mind, Body & Spirit Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2018 Penthouse