Convo by Design Podcast – Episode 442 | Illuminated Ideas: Architecture and Lighting for A Modern Client

Convo by Design Podcast Featuring Charles Pavarini III

Relax and enjoy the world of Architecture and Lighting with the Convo by Design podcast, hosted by Josh Cooperman with our very own Charles Pavarini III. Read below for the show notes, or click here to listen to the episode. 

Pavarini has reinterpreted the legacy of the Pavarini Construction Company, known for creating historic landmarks, including the Seagram Tower, the United Nations, the State Theater at Lincoln Center, and numerous other landmark buildings in New York City and throughout the world. His projects hinge around a powerful central design theme and maintain a certain ‘vision,’ which is always dramatically executed given Charles’ keen sense of color, style, and use of lighting as a ‘design tool.’ Having sat on the board of directors of the Designer’s Lighting Forum of New York for twenty-five years, he has a refined approach to interior design, always staged with strong focal points and exacting lighting techniques to harness the artistic and architectural vernacular of the spaces he designs. His extensive experience in the Performing Arts as a performer, costume designer, and set designer qualifies him to conceive projects of any scale and proportion with great dignity and an unmatched passion for mood. While that is the bio, it should also be noted that Pavarini co-authored a book that was featured on BookLook. His offering, Lighting Beyond Edison: Brilliant Residential Lighting Techniques in the Age of LED’s, is truly a transformative look at what is possible in modern lighting and how it works to elevate the design and increase functionality. We are going to cover this and a great deal more.

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