Ronald McDonald House 2022

Executed in a saturated colorful palette, the design strives to embark its guests on a mental journey to a special place in space in our galaxy where the mind can escape and focus positive energy on wellness and healing. The main focal points are the hand-painted sun-faces on the headboards of the custom beds which are lined with color-changing LED lighting so that guests can benefit from a healing chromotherapy experience. Utilizing a DMX wall controller, the room can render any shade of color, bathing its guest in colored light for wellness. The focus of the room was in healing through color and light.

“The healing process is multi-faceted . . . It’s my belief that the selective use of color and light in interior environments influences the body mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to promote a curative mindset and focused energy on promoting wellness from within.”

–C. Pavarini III

“The room itself is designed to take your mind to a different place to allow the body to heal.”

–C. Pavarini III

“We designed a chromotherapy healing room for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island a while back and found it extremely rewarding.  Sustaining that positive return, comments from house staff expressing how sought-after the room continues to be by guests gives all our team a great feeling of accomplishment.”

–J. Randall Tarasuk