IDS Designer of the Year First Runner Up

The Home Wellness Retreat, for Mind, Body, and Spirit, balances residential interior design concepts with Ayurvedic elements to unify the design vision through the physical and metaphysical. Each element has been carefully chosen to promote a luxury environment that gives individuals the opportunity to relax and mentally escape the over-stimulus created by every-day electronics. Encouraging the practices of meditation, massage, stretching and yoga, the space motivates one to get in-touch with the creative self by embracing the senses. Harmony is created by the relaxing sound of water trickling into the pool, and the sight of lush greenery from the private garden. Executed in a subtle color palette of grays, the furnishings scheme is intended to be soothing on the eye to allow the metaphysical components to subliminally nourish the human spirit. An abundance of natural crystal and a fine curation of art work and commissioned pieces bring deeper meaning, thereby creating sanctuary in this luxury residential home retreat. The focal point within the room is the recessed wall which features a metal tile that is lit from the sides with LED lighting that operates in accordance with circadian and other biological rhythms. The lighting is based on research from the 2017 Nobel Prize for medicine, the lighting system works with chromatherapy and naturally serves to regulate human behavior by assisting the body to adjust metabolism, sleep, and body temperature through exposure to natural color-changing light qualities. The effects are scientifically proven to alter and heal the mind at the subconscious level.