2019 BUILD Architecture Award: BEST Custom Furniture Design Studio – NYC

Assessment from Judging Panel

Boasting a portfolio of innovative designs, imaginative works and awe-inspiring compositions, Pavarini Design has proven themselves to be the go-to designers for all things sophisticated. Distinguishing themselves in the field of Custom Furniture by consistently providing visceral designs which feel as good as they look, they successfully manage to incorporate luxury and sophistication into each of their projects and developments.

Recent projects highlight Pavarini Designs’ ability to carry out modern and luxury renovations. Projects such as ASIDNY Metro, 12th Floor DDB and Cosmopolitan High-Rise Living at Hudson Yard, Manhattan, clearly demonstrate why Pavarini Design remain a dedicated and highly-sort after design practice offering only the best services across NYC and beyond. The latter of the projects showcases a pure talent for design, incorporating a combination of imagination and innovation to turn a project from humble beginnings to a contemporary and functional space in line with the client’s initial idea.

Ultimately, the beauty and functionality of their designs were far from the only award-winning feature of this design firm, the time they invest in getting to know their customers and the care they take in forming close working partnerships is what was found to be the most indicative award-worthy feature as this has consistently allowed Parvarini Design to make a customers’ idea, regardless of how complex and imaginative, to become a reality.