Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2015


The rich chameleon walls feature a base coat of Lapis Blue and top coats of aqua mixed with eye-shadow and finished in strié, resulting in an ever-changing wall finish that varies in effect as it absorbs and reflects light. Rich espresso custom architectural millwork and custom asymmetrical floating cabinetry and shelving accented in stainless-steel marquetry and starburst veneer patterns anchor the complex design scheme. A delicate balance of deep wood finishes and custom millwork, patterned leather, lush carpeting, and a curation of hand-crafted pieces of lighting and furniture, the scheme embodies the synergy of the Pavarini Design philosophy hinging on drama through restraint.

The design takes a particular focus on asymmetry and the creative use of tile. The couture shagreen-embossed leather drapery panel with metal beaded pleating detail sets the mood with its complex tailoring. The carpeted room is bordered in an off-white shagreen patterned cement tile which furthers the concept and continues into the bar area. A supple crème and chocolate carpeting lends perfect support to the off-white custom upholstered chairs and dynamic artisanal quality furniture pieces. A soaring fireplace mantel clad in pewter leafed travertine mosaic tile and finished with a sculptured steel screen provides a dynamic vertical to the space with its brilliant patina and rough texture. Balanced with a massive contemporary painting, vintage 1970’s bronze mirror and contemporary bronze lamps, the balanced room speaks a masculine language with a particular focus on purity of form and blatant contrast.

A fine collection of artisanal fixtures and contemporary pieces from the 20th-21st century adorn the complex interior in various forms from the delicate yet massive brass and glass Vine Chandelier, chunky chalk-white plaster wall sculpture and towering Picasso-transfer porcelain lamp which provide deliberate unifying intellectual elements that dominate the diverse interior. Further expressing Pavarini’s complex scheme, framed black and white photographs and vintage European pottery casually appear throughout the space, leaning and posing to complete carefully composed vignettes and dynamic focal points. A sophisticated lighting control system complete with iPad-based dimming and state-of-the-art LED lighting product controls the mood of the space while highlighting the significant works of art and sculpture.

The adjoining Dry-Bar hinges around the commissioned paintings which take focus in the cut-glass mirrored wall. The wall is punctuated by an OLED convex decorative mirror, and a midnight-blue stretched PVC ceiling provides dazzling reflective quality and a sensual expansion to the tiny yet provocative space. The bathroom speaks masculinity with its chocolate glass and metallic grass-cloth walls and marble floor yet repeats the strong vein of contrast and color with a dazzling blue shower niche and dramatic lighting in the typical Pavarini Style.