The PURE PAVARINI POST 2018 Summer Issue


Our Kips Bay Showhouse 2018 Home Wellness Retreat for mind, body, and spirit balances residential interior design concepts with Ayurvedic elements to unify the design vision through the physical and metaphysical.  Each element within the space has been carefully chosen with the ancient philosophies of well-being in mind,  to promote a luxury environment that gives individuals the opportunity to mentally escape the over-stimulus created by every-day electronics.  The space motivates one to get in-touch with the creative self by embracing the senses, the relaxing sound of water trickling into the pool, the sight of lush greenery from the private garden, and the nourishing effects from liquid fasting and juicing fosters a healthy routine.

Executed in a subtle color palette of pale grays, and subtle hues, the furnishings scheme is intended to envelop the room and to be soothing on the eye to allow the components to subliminally nourish the human spirit.  An abundance of natural crystal and a fine curation of art work bring deeper meaning, creating a sanctuary in a luxury residential home retreat.

Wellness can be incorporated into our own lifestyle via many different channels. The first things that may come to mind are Yoga and Massage yet equally important are healthy eating habits. We see wellness of body, mind and spirit as a puzzle that comes together when all of the pieces are in place, with individual variations for each person.

Connections to others via conversations or sharing tea are important to enhance personal relationships and to strengthen friendships.  Living in harmony with others brings inner peace and allows one to contribute to the common welfare of your community. Places in your home for these activities may already be there, or can be, with a small rearrangement of your furniture. Intellectual wellness integrates problem solving and creative thinking to satisfy your curiosity and to stimulate personal growth. Reading, writing and creating art are paths to learn about the outside world and to potentially contribute to it.

Transformation of the spirit can be accomplished by applying your unique skills, experience and talents to work that is meaningful and satisfying. Often that may be via a volunteer job that contributes to your community.

Color, lighting and texture in a room are a fun and beautiful way to express yourself and create a calming environment. Pales and cool colors calm and relax, and soft textures in fabrics create a cocoon to rejuvenate.

The National Wellness Institute suggests assessing your own degree of wellness by asking yourself these questions.

Does this help you achieve your full potential?

Does this recognize and address the whole person in a multi-dimensional approach?

Does this affirm and mobilize your positive qualities and strengths?

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Listen to Charles Pavarini III talk about the room and the wellness concept behind it, with LuAnn Nigara, from the podcast ‘A Well-Designed Business’.

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